Let us Introduce Ourselves…



This is Sydney


















                                                                       This is Shae (and Sebastian!)

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This power duo came into the world 25 years ago and have been shaking things up ever since. The most common questions we get as twins are, ” Are you guys close?” and “Is twin telepathy real?”. Considering we’ve been bumming around together for a quarter of a century, we are 100% super close. As for twin telepathy…that answer is confidential. What most people comment on however is how cool it is to have a twin and the fact that they wish they had one. Growing up we would scoff at that comment and say that it is no different that having a regular sibling, but honestly, having a twin is absolutely better than having a regular sibling. You basically get a sister and a best friend rolled up into one; its a win-win! Now I’m not saying we didn’t have our ups and downs growing up, we shared a bedroom for 20 years for crying out loud. Was there an injury involving a toothbrush and a bruised throat? There may have been. Was there blood drawn when an argument got a little too intense? Who’s to say? It’s nothing we couldn’t get passed and we’d find ourselves watching FRIENDS together later in the day.

Now we’ve gotten older, Shae has gotten married and Sydney has moved across the country. We stay in touch all of the time but it’s never the same as sharing a room together. This is where the idea and passion came behind Through Thick and Twin. It’s more than a blog, its a duo- diary between two best friends keeping in touch and sharing their stories. We wanted to share our stories with each other, but we also wanted to share our stories with you! Sharing our experiences with Health, Beauty, Travel and just general Lifestyle. You’re not getting one, but two opinions and experiences from one end of the country to the other. From the East to the West, this is Through Thick and Twin!

Peace, Love, Twin.

-Syd and Shae

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