A Weekend in Whistler

This weekend I just needed to get away. Just a few days in a new environment to relax and refresh, and with Whistler only a 5 hour drive away, it was the perfect destination! For those who have never been to Whistler, it is the cutest ski village in BC that people from all over the world come to visit. Since it’s off season though, the prices for hotels are so cheap!


We stayed at the Adara Hotel in the Village. It’s an awesome pet friendly spot with incredibly wonderful and friendly staff! We even took advantage of their handy bike valet service. The rooms come equipped with my most important qualities: comfy bed, beautiful bathroom and mini fridge, cups and corkscrews for the draaanks. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit either because there is also a super relaxing pool and hot tub on a sick patio!

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The food in the village was hit or miss for us. It was partially our fault for not booking reservations for dinner. We figured we wouldn’t need one in the off season, but we were mistaken. Two restaurants worth mentioning are Hot Buns Bakery and La Brasserie. Hot Buns is a perfect spot for breakfast in the village. It has an array of barista style beverages, fresh waffles and crepes, and even paninis for lunch. La Brasserie has loads of bistro style comfort food with a great drink selection. When we’re on vacation, we treat ourselves with whatever we fancy, so obviously we go for some seafood and cocktails.

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Even in the off season, there are tons of activities to partake in! We mainly went to Whistler for the Bike Park, which holds some of the best mountain biking trails in Canada. While most people come for that in the summer, my favourite (as well as Diesels favourite) is the hiking trails. Lost Lake is a great walking trail that surrounds the lake and is about 5km long. It has a few stops along the way that includes a beach, a jumping dock and Canine Cove, the dog friendly section. If you want to get super touristy, which I like to do, you also have to take the Gondola up the mountain. There is not as many trails and attractions open at the top at this time of year but we can still say we got to hang out in the snow in mid June.

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Want to see a little more from the trip? Check out my vlog from the weekend!


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