The Little Black Backpack

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping cool during this crazy heat wave we’ve got goin’ on here in Southern Ontario!

As unbearable as this heat can be, it for sure won’t stop me from going outside because any day that doesn’t consist of snow is a good day!

Any time I do make my way outside I’m pretty limited to either a big bulky bag or a simple cross body bag, which can both easily get it my way as I’m venturing throughout my day.

Now don’t get my wrong, if I’m going out for dinner I’m going to be bringing my big studded black Michael Kors bag, but when I’m just cruising the streets, or am out for a long period of time, I want a bag that is more comfortable and convenient.

HENCE, the little black backpacks!

These things must really be back in style because I am seeing them everywhere! I can friggen see why because I don’t know how I was living without one! I am able to fit all the essentials, can take it everywhere I go, and can pretty much match with just about anything I wear. IT’S COMFORT AND STYLE ROLLED INTO ONE!

Aldo $48

LRG_DSC01935 (1)

LRG_DSC01931 (1)

The Bay $30

DSC01214 (1)

DSC01222 (1)

Wow which one is Sydney and which one is Shae?

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