The Importance of Doing What You Love

A common question that everyone gets asked is, ‘What is your goal in life?’. Everyone’s answer can vary whether they want to focus more on career, family, health etc. The answer is simple for me, my goal in life is to just be happy. I know that is THEE most obvious and cliche answer I could give, but it’s how I live my life and what I work towards everyday, to be happy no matter what I’m doing.



I unknowingly started working towards this goal when I had just graduated from University and beginning life after being a student. I had just began a new internship in Toronto, and as scary as that big step was for me, I was ready to take it head on. I wanted to say yes to any opportunity that came my way that would benefit me and make me grow as a person. Hence why I agreed to move across the country and start a new chapter of my life. It was super exciting and super scary at the same time. Starting from scratch with a new home, a new job and a new social life. This is when it all hit me; we didn’t know what this new experience would be like so why not make the best of it and do what we can to be happy with what we do? Even these past fews months we have gone on more adventures than we ever have before. Not going to lie, it is taking a hit on the bank account…but for us the experiences we get are more important than the money.

Career wise is important to be happy with what you’re doing as well. My take has always been, if you hate what you’re doing or where you’re working, why are you doing it? I know it’s not always a simple fix, but for me when the goal is happiness, it is simple. I’m currently working at a minimum wage serving job, which may not sound like much, but I absolutely love the atmosphere and the other employees there; it’s what works for me. Even starting this blog was something new and exciting and something I needed to try. That is one of the things in life that gives me the most happiness, trying and learning something new. It’s a hobby but it’s important to have these hobbies to keep ourselves sane throughout the work week. Whether its blogging, reading, hiking, cooking, Netflix (hit me up with some Queer Eye), that mix of work, play and you time is super important to keep the balance in your life.



Being happy seems like a simple concept, but it’s harder for some people that others. Making this my goal has been the best decision I’ve ever made. It takes some work to keep the flow going, but when you do everything seems to fit in place and your goal doesn’t seem so hard to reach after all. No matter what people think, no matter the judgement that comes your way, you just need to do you, and life will sort itself out.

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