2018 Fall Essentials

We are almost a week into fall and we’re feeling at home with the crisp air, the endless colours and the pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING (don’t hate, you know you love it too). There’s just something about the season that puts everyone in a good mood, and we are here for that! From us to you, here is a list of our fall essentials to make this autumn season the best and most comfortable for you!



We know we’re not the only ones who get on the ‘knit train’ when Fall comes around. It’s best to stick to the neutrals; cream, black, grey, maroon etc. However, we feel every girls wardrobe would benefit from a yellow knit sweater. It’s such a great way to add a pop of colour in the comfiest way possible! Looking for mustard tones keeps it in the neutral family, which lets you match with so many pieces.



You already know how obsessed we are with these jackets, so we won’t go too in depth about it. Check out our last blog post about these Sherpa Jackets!



Everyone needs a good Fall boot that goes with everything! For me, Chelsea Boots are my go to style. This specific pair is from Nordstrom and are so comfortable! It’s more of an upscale rain boot but its a matte black that goes with so many styles and really elevates any outfit instead of just wearing sneakers!


It’s not Fall without some new candles! As cliche as it is, you know you can’t help but peruse through Bath and Body Works new autumn scents! Shae and I normally don’t go for the usual ones however, we don’t like the sweet scents like Vanilla and Fresh Baked Cookies etc. So we went outside of the box this year and grabbed The Great Outdoors – which is a more ‘fresh’ scent, as well as Black Cherry Merlot – which honestly smells more like summer; it smells just like grape popsicles!


As the weather gets colder, our skin and hair start to get dryer, so extra hydration is always a must! The Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner is mine and Shae’s HOLY GRAIL hair products!! We started using this a few years ago and we have not used any others since! They have their regular line, one for colour treated hair, and this one specifically is for hydration, so you know we’re going to be using these all through Fall and Winter.


For me, the change of the seasons brings out my different tastes in music. In the summer I listen to more light hearted beats, while in the Fall it turns to more heavier and alternative tunes. This new fav album of mine, is actually not new at all. Transit is actually not even a band anymore, but I highly recommend it if you’ve never listened to this Massachusetts based band before! So while this album came out in 2012, it’s new to my playlist, and a change in music gives me another fresh start feeling for the new season!


Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I’m all about a hot caffeinated bevie on a cold morning, and this one is my new go to! Kicking Horse Coffee is dark and it’s strong and it’s great for both hot and iced! The beans are roasted here in British Columbia so it makes it even better for when I want to shop local! But don’t worry, it’s sold all through out Canada and the U.S, so check out your local grocery store and you might be able to pick this up and try it out!

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