Tree Lyfe Ambassadors

You read that right, the twins are ambassadors for Tree Lyfe! If you haven’t heard of this amazing company before, let us introduce you!



Tree Lyfe is a company dedicated to both environmental and personal growth. Life can sometimes knock us down and it can knock us down good. The expression ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ can be all too true. There are always going to obstacles that we face in life, but it’s how we get passed these obstacles where we become a more powerful version of what we are. Just like tiny seeds, it takes us time, effort and endurance before we can flourish into a thriving tree.

Tree Lyfe will plant a tree for every bracelet sold off of their website. It’s an amazing way to combine two important topics to us; the environment and mental health. Having the power to contribute and make a difference is so important. We and Tree Lyfe have a similar mindset of living your life in the most positive way. These bracelets act as a symbol to remind us of that. To remind us of our journey, how much we’ve grown and how much more we can do!




As ambassadors, we have a little treat for you! Use our code THROUGHTHICKANDTWIN for 10% off when you purchase your bracelets from Tree Lyfe. Lets remember where we came from. Lets make a difference.


“Our mission is to remind you that just like a tree, in order to we have to fight through the dirt and darkness to reach the light”.

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