Tees For Bees Ambassadors

If there was ever a time to make a change for the environment, the time is now!

“Bee populations have been on decline since the late 1990’s, which is troublesome because bees are deeply connected with many ecosystems and they pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including most of the crops we eat. The declining bee population is also representative of a larger issue: the destructive effects that we as human beings are having on nature as a whole. Nothing in nature operates in a vacuum; if the bees are in decline, so too is the health of our planet, and by extension, our health as human beings. If we want to help nature, I believe we should start with the bees.” – Kelly (founder of Tees for Bees)




  1. They sell cute ass clothes to raise awareness
  2. They donate 10% of their sales (minimum) to Bee City
  3. They participate in community projects and education programs to raise awareness

If you know us then you know how important nature and the great outdoors is to us, therefore my sister and I are honoured to be ambassadors for such a fun and important company. We do have a discount code for you guys to use at checkout to give you free shipping! I mean who the frig doesn’t want free shipping am I riiiiiiight? I mean we’re pretty in love with the pieces we have bought, so take a look for yourself to see the amazing other options they have!

Discount Code: SYDSHAE

Website: www.tsforbees.com

Instagram: tsforbees

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