Let’s Talk about Resolutions…

Every year we feel the pressure to come up with a GOOD New Years resolution, if we end up coming up with one at all! It’s a good way to start off the new year with a bang, with a fresh start and with positivity. The only problem with resolutions is where do they really get us? For any young women I’m sure at one point or another your resolution has been to go to the gym more or eat healthier, am I right? While those are great changes to make for yourself, it doesn’t give a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. That’s why we shouldn’t be calling them New Years Resolutions, we should be calling them New Years GOALS.

Goals, as opposed to resolutions, have a clear finishing point. They even have options to further yourself and your goal once you’ve reached that finishing point. An example for someone who has made their resolution to go to the gym more is to ask yourself how often do you want to go to the gym? Twice a week? How much weight are you planning on losing or gaining from your workouts? For someone who has made their resolution to eat healthier, how are you going to do so? If these questions aren’t answered then there are so many factors left up in the air, how will you keep track to make sure you’re keeping up with your resolutions? Often a plan needs to be set in place to make sure your goals are met. Instead of saying I’m going to the gym more, create a goal and say I’d like to lose X amount of weight to reach my goal this New Years! Create a schedule and plan out how often you will go to the gym and what workouts you will do to reach this goal!


Last year my resolution was to read more books. Reading was one of my favourite hobbies growing up and I really wanted to get back into it. Did that resolution work out? No…I probably read 2 or 3 books all year! That’s because I didn’t set a goal or a plan of how I would make myself read more throughout the year. My goal could have been to read a new book every two months, that way I would challenge myself to make sure I would finish my book and start the next on schedule! I would have felt a lot more accomplished reaching my goal and reading 6 or 7 books for the year instead of a lousy 2. I’ve decided that I will be re-doing my 2018 resolution so that it can be done right. In 2019 my goal will be to read a new book every two months and a plan of lined up books will be set in place to make sure I stick to my schedule.



Every year I feel as though I always want to make a goal of saving more money, and this year with a baby on the way and a house purchase on the horizon that goal could not be more important.  I would always add some money to my savings account here and there whenever I remembered, but I never actually made it a point of doing so on a regular basis. My goal this year is to up my savings game by actually inputting money in scheduled increments. The easy part is you don’t even need to make your own schedule. All you need to do is have your bank move a certain amount of money into your savings on a routine basis. You can have them move a chunk to your savings once a month, or even biweekly when your pay check comes in. It’s so dang simple and yet I never thought to make it happen! A fun extra way my husband and I like to save money is with our Terramundi pots. Any spare change we come across we add it to our pot, and over time it’ll become full enough to open. The fun part is that the only way it can be opened is to smash it 😉


Every year we just want to be a better version of ourselves, and January 1st is that clean slate that everyone wants to start fresh with. Whatever your resolution may be for 2019, make sure you have a plan set in place to make sure you reach the goal of your resolution!


What is your 2019 New Years Goal??


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