Halfway through my PREGNANCY!

The fact that I’m halfway through this pregnancy is insane. These past 5 months have just flown by and I can only imagine the next 5 months being the same. Do I feel prepared? Somewhat. Will I actually be prepared when the time comes? Yes, in terms of having all the supplies we need, but our lives are about to turn upside down. We’re about to embark on such a and new a crazy adventure, and I could not be more excited and nervous about it!

At this point we’ve only accumulated a few things for the lil’ bub from Christmas, surprise gifts from excited family and friends, and some things we personally couldn’t pass up ourselves!

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We’re now at the point where we’re starting to plan a baby shower, starting to plan the registry, trying to figure out nursery colours, etc. The baby shower will be unconventionally early. My due date is June 22nd but the shower will be in March. For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know that Sydney lives in BC while I live in Ontario. Well our birthday just happens to be in March as well and we refuse to spend our birthday apart! So we decided to merge the baby shower into Sydney’s trip over here for our birthday! In terms of the registry, I know the things we would need, but it’s just a matter of finding the good quality products! How the heck do I know what the best crib or best car seat is?? Thus the research begins!

We do already have names picked out, which will not be disclosed…..but we are not finding out the gender. It’ll just be a big ol’ surprise for everyone! We dove in to some of the gender wives tales, and people have asked me what I feel like it is, but I can tell you right now I have zero inkling as to what the gender is haha. No motherly instincts over here!

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      This was my favourite childhood book that my Dad read to us, I couldn’t pass up buying one!


I have yet to buy any actual maternity clothing and I’m hoping I can avoid it altogether. Maternity clothing is so much more expensive, and I have no problem just going up some sizes in non-maternity clothing! So far the only pair of pants I have worn during this oh so lovely Winter are some fleece leggings that they sell at Costco. Seriously, I have not worn anything else this entire time haha. I am just WAITING for Spring and Summer so I can wear dresses all the time. Obviously also waiting for those beach days where I can rock my preggo bikini bod!

I feel very lucky to have had quite an easy pregnancy thus far. No morning sickness, only a small loss of energy in the beginning, and no food aversions! Only a small bit of discomfort (for now..) and I have started to feel the baby move inside of me! Caelan was able to feel the baby move as well so that was very exciting!! All in all I have had a very positive pregnancy experience so far and I’m crossing my fingers it continues to the very end!



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