Review: Physicians Formula The Healthy Skin Foundation

Spring is on it’s way and I’m ready to find a new natural and fresh foundation!

I am not one to wear a liquid foundation on a daily basis. If I need to get ready for something I’m really just about using some concealer and powder foundation. It usually makes for a light coverage look but I’m definitely not as opposed to that as I used to be!

However, I have a couple of events coming up in the Spring and just decided to do something different with my makeup looks. Any time I have used a liquid foundation they were always medium to full coverage. I would still be all about that if I was doing a full glam look, but I’m all about minimal looks nowadays 🙂

Therefore, I decided to pick up the Physicians Formula Healthy Skin Foundation. They claim it is a buildable and breathable foundation that provides lightweight, medium coverage with a healthy, satin finish. It’s supposedly good for all skin types and includes a brightening complex and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, brighten and improve the appearance of skin tone with an added boost of Vitamins A, C & E providing a flawless, healthy coverage.


Healthy Skin Foundation in shade LW2 $18.99

There definitely is a better shade range than usual for Physicians Formula with 16 shades; however, the shade I bought was the second lightest.. I don’t know about you guys but I find that a little sad considering my skin tone is never in the fair range.

Just like the bottle says it does have SPF 20 in the foundation which is definitely beneficial all year round. I took a photo with and without flash and it definitely did showcase some white cast which should be kept in mind if you’re going somewhere with flash photography.



Without flash:


Now for my thoughts! I wore this for the past 2 days (including outside during a snowstorm) and I gotta say it’s definitely not bad! I was worried about it with my oily skin but I also used a oil control primer which definitely helped. I’ll for sure need to take extra oil control precautions come Summer though! The blowing wet snow did take some of the product off my nose and chin so not sure how well it would do with rain or sweat. As they suggest it is light to medium coverage but it’s not necessarily AS skin like as I would like. When it’s freshly applied it looks great but around the 5 hour mark it definitely does start to look a little cakey around the nose area and other usual places but it’s not something that will deter me from using this again because it’s something that can be easily fixed throughout the day. I do like the fact that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a full coverage face, so in that sense it does make your skin look healthy and for that reason I will continue to use this 🙂



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