Hamilton Dinner Date: Democracy

To know Hamilton is to know that it’s pretty much a haven for local restaurants and shops. It’s just always so much more rewarding going to a local restaurant as opposed to a chain considering the food is better, the atmosphere is better, and you’re supporting your community to boot. One of these said restaurants that we always enjoy going to is Democracy Coffee House. When you take a leisurely stroll down the adorable Locke Street in Hamilton you are surrounded by local artisans and eats so it can be pretty hard to take your pick, but I definitely believe Democracy is a good choice to tickle your taste buds.

When you walk in you’re met with that classic chill coffee house vibe with that sense of comfort and feeling of being welcomed. Tables were filled with those meeting friends or family or even business partners. You can come on in and grab a coffee and baked good to go, or you can stay in and indulge in their fully vegan and vegetarian menu! We technically went during lunch which was super casual. Seat yourselves, order at the counter, and your food will come to you! Come 5pm they do partake in table service for dinner.


I was joined by my sisters Clare and Alix so we split a couple of items just to share! One menu item you absoluuuuutely need to order when you’re there is their Cauliflower Wings. My sister’s and I have all had our fair share of Cauliflower Wings from different locations, I’ve even tried making them at home, but nothing compares to the ones made at Democracy! We got one order but had half with their Sriracha Lime sauce and the other half with their Sweet Apple Garlic sauce. I’m more of a sweet than spicy lover so that Sweet Apple Garlic sauce was A1! Aside from the Cauliflower Wings we also ordered a good ol’ Big Mac Pizza to share. Now I am no veggie or vegan (I’ll blame the pregnancy on that) but this pizza tasted damn close to the real thing! I think it’s safe to say if my husband and my sister’s significant others enjoy it, you know you have a winner on your hands!



You can pretty much guarantee that I will be returning to this coffee house. Just the sense of community you feel mixed with the delicious food and drink options is a testament to the lasting impression they will make on you.

Democracy Coffee House



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