Spring Essentials

THE TIME HAS COME! WINTER IS FINALLY OVER! Is it just us, or was that an overdramatic long winter season? We’re so ready to take spring head on and we have a few favourites to finally get over these winter blues and welcome the warm weather! These are some of our spring essentials!


‘Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking’. We know it’s cliche but we can’t be the only ones who want a break from the oversized knit sweaters. What’s a better way than to switch straight into dresses that scream spring! This beautiful dress here from Lurtz & Co. is a light enough material to keep it breezy, but still has long sleeves in case theres still a chill in the air!


As the seasons change, so does our skincare routine. We don’t change it up completely, because that would be a real hit on the bank account…but we can go from heavy moisturizer to something a little lighter. I picked up the Drunk Elephant moisturizer from Sephora at the end of winter. I wasn’t a big fan because my face looked more dry throughout the day, but when I used it when the weather was getting warmer, it was perfect! For my combination skin, it’s a great lightweight moisturizer that keeps my face feeling soft and well nourished!


Oh you thought we were done with skincare? Nu-uuuhh! We both have being utilizing this product in our routine for a while and it is a staple for us! SPF is an important step in your skincare routine, more so when the sun really starts to shine in the Spring! Another product you can pick up at Sephora, the Coola Matte Tint gives you skin protection without giving you a white cast under your makeup.


If anyone really knows us, they know that one of our favourite scents in the world is Lilacs. That’s why as soon as spring rolls around we know it’s time to head to Bath and Body Works and stock up on their Fresh Cut Lilac scented candles! Unfortunately preggo Shae is staying away from candles and essential oils until her due date, just to be on the safe side, but she can soak up all of the Lilac candles after she pops!



If you need some fresh tunes, you NEED to check out Why Bonnie. They’re an alternative band from Austin, Texas that dish out dreamy vocals and feel good rhythms. They describe themselves as ‘bedroom pop that’s moved to the couch’ and I somehow totally feel that. They have two EPs that I’ve been streaming constantly on Spotify; definitely go check them out!


It’s that time if year when the weather is warming up and all of the hermits come out to grab their smoothies and iced coffees. As much as I love both of those beverages at this time if year, I think we all can agree on how much waste it creates. Always keep a reusable travel tumblr and reusable straw with you and most of the time these drinks can be made for you in your tumblr when you go out. I usually just make smoothies and iced coffees to go at home as well to save money, but to each their own!


We’ve raved about this company before, and we’ll continue to do so because not only do they create cute and comfy clothes, they’re environmentally conscious! The sun is shining and it’s time for T-Shirt weather, and these tees have great and simple designs and are so soft!


Feathers are in trend for Spring 2019, but let’s be real we’ve always been obsessed. I mean Shae has a feather tattooed on her for crying out loud.



What are some of your Spring essentials??

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