D.I.Y. Baby Shower

I have hit the 7th month of pregnancy and have thus far been showered with love by family and friends! I feel so lucky to have such a great support system for one of the biggest things to happen in my life!

I was thrown two wonderful Baby Showers, one in Hamilton for friends and Caelan’s family, and one in Peterborough for my family and family friends! Today’s blog post will focus on the shower in Hamilton!


The majority of the shower was organized and put together by my sister Clare and I am beyond thankful for all of the effort and work she put into it!

Probably the biggest splurge was the actual venue itself. We wanted something that was more than just a hall or a church and went for Battlefield House in Stoney Creek. It was a little more pricey because it’s owned and operated by the City of Hamilton, but what venue is more perfect for me than a friggen museum? There are of course plenty of cheaper venues options out there if that’s what you’re looking for!


For decor we went for classic pastel spring colours of yellow and mint! Since my wedding colours were mint and gold we were able to reuse a lot of the same decor which was crazy handy! Other than that all of the plates, cutlery, paper straws, centerpieces, etc. came from Dollarama which made for a great low budget purchase!

Just like my wedding all of the food was homemade buffet made by my family! We had homemade cupcakes, macaroni salad, wraps, charcuterie, and many other goodies! We also used SkinnyPop popcorn from Costco as the shower favours labeled “About to pop!”. Just too friggen cute!


All of the games we had unsurprisingly came from Pinterest! Our games included guessing my waist size with string, matching the gestation time to the correct animal, and who knows the mom to be best! We were very lucky with the prizes because Clare is a hoarder with gifts and goodies she’s been given 😉 so we had a plethora of items like lotions and candles and scrubs to give out as prizes!



The last two things we did that was very cost effective was invites and music. My other sisters Sydney and Alix made a music playlist on Spotify to play throughout the shower just like we had done for my wedding! Also instead of sending out physical invites through the mail, we just did an online invitation by making a private event on Facebook! This was something we also did for my Bridal Shower!

There are many ways to ensure you have a cost effective Baby Shower. Don’t get me wrong the over the top showers look absolutely wonderful, but not everyone can create something like that! As long as my friends and family were around that was all I needed! I again just want to thank everyone that was involved in organizing the shower as well as every that came. It really did make me feel a little more prepared for this new adventure Caelan and I are about to embark on!


Photography: Rhiannon Murray-Leung (@rhiannon_178)




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