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I don’t know about you guys but any time I come across a clothing website like Zaful, I am always sure to check out the reviews to see if it’s legit or a scam. Now the majority of what I had seen and heard from Zaful were from Youtubers filming their hauls and their thoughts and nothing came across as too sketchy. Plus with the crazy cheap prices it’s hard to resist a purchase! If you had the same skeptical thoughts as us then look no further! Both Sydney and I have now gone through the Zaful experience and ready to share our thoughts with you!


We have yet to buy any actual clothing from the site, just bathing suits for now because they’re so damn cheap and THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. Seriously, I feel like it could take you some time just to go through all of the available options. The good thing is that reviews are posted on the reg with people adding photos so you can actually see how the suits wear on different kinds of bodies.

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Now one thing to put out there is that this is cheaper clothing. It’s cheaply made and sold at a cheap rate, so don’t go expecting some high quality stuff! We went into our purchases knowing this, so as annoying as it was we weren’t OVERLY surprised when one of Sydney’s suits came with a stain on her white top.


Another thing to keep in mind is the time it takes to have your items shipped to you. I ordered some suits last year for when I went on my March trip to Punta Cana, but realized that there was a good chance it wouldn’t get to me in time. They didn’t but I still had them for Summer which was great! Shipping time to Canada is anywhere from 10 to 25 business days. That’s quite a large time frame. You can pay for express shipping which shortens it to 6 to 10 business days, but honestly I’m never one to pay for that haha.

Despite these little kinks, we are in love with each of the suits we’ve bought. They fit well, they’re flattering, they’re so damn cute, and we have yet to have any actual problems with them. We will for sure continue to buy from Zaful and if you’re looking for inexpensive cute suits we suggest you do the same 🙂

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