Our Fav Revelstoke Restaurants

Revelstoke is all about the great outdoors; skiing, hiking, mountain biking etc. While we normally take a road trip for a weekend away to spend in the mountains, this time around was spent more exploring the small town itself. We ended up finding so many amazing spots to eat. While there are some fine dining restaurants, we chose the spots with a more chill vibe, which is very easy to come across in this town. We’re going to be featuring 4 of our favourite spots in todays post!


For Breakfast : DOSE COFFEE


Image via Dose Coffee.

This girl loves her coffee, so I was most excited to give this place a try for one of our mornings in Revy. It’s a funky spot with a comfortable vibe and quirky decor. The menu had lots of yummy options that was inclusive to several diets! I ended up choosing the Banana Bread which was toasted then topped with bananas, granola, maple butter and a berry preserve. It was smaller, but filling, and surprisingly not too sweet! We also ordered a couple of iced lattes, which ended up being made hot, which we didn’t think too much of it. We love our coffee done both ways! However they noticed the error and gave us two free coffee cards for when we visit next, which was very sweet of them!





The Village Idiot is such a fun bar that you can tell would get wild during peak nights! It has an immense amount of drinking and sports decor; I’m sure you could go in ten times and still see something new that you hadn’t noticed before.


This was another spot that was quite inclusive to vegetarians and vegans. You know it’s a good menu when I have a hard time deciding what to eat cause there’s actually more than two options that I can have. Apparently they are pretty well known here for pizza, so Colin went hard with the Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza, and I went with some classic Fish Tacos with a side of Thai Quinoa Salad. It was so fresh and very filling! I will say though, don’t be scared by the spice icon, this is VERY low on the spice scale.






This was just a quick stop for us as we were craving something a little sweet. They had lots of options, both sweet and savoury, and I landed on THE BEST vegan brownie I’ve ever had in my entire life. Did I mention it was vegan? It was so moist and rich, it doesn’t hold a candle to any other brownie I’ve had before. I highly recommend stopping here if you’re going through town!




This was our very first stop for a bite to eat on this trip, and it did not disappoint! Not only was the menu accommodating to vegetarians (YET AGAIN!), it had sooo many draft options. They had at least 30 beers, all organized by type, location and alcohol content. They also had some stuff on tap that was more up my alley, like sours, ciders and even non-alcoholic options like ginger beer and kombucha! For food I was feeling something light and healthy, so I went with their Superfoods Bowl. The mash up of ingredients sounds like a mouthful – quinoa, broccoli, yams, black beans, sprouting mix, watercress, toasted almonds, cilantro, nutritional yeast and a pomegranate vinaigrette – but it all comes together to create something super fresh and satisfying. I only wish the quinoa had been served warm, since it was a bit of a chilly night, overall though I would definitely come back and order again…as well as order a few more drinks on tap!




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