What Was In My Hospital Bag

Considering this was my first time giving birth, and even my first time being admitted into a hospital, I wanted to be fully prepared for when I got there! I made sure to do my research and took advice from other moms regarding what was and wasn’t necessary to bring with you! I feel as though some people may go a bit overboard but I just wanted something simple and realistic! We also had an unforeseen extended hospital stay so knowing what I know now there are definitely some things I wish I would have packed! Now that I’ve actually went through this experience myself I thought I would share with other future moms what I packed with me for the hospital!

  • Photo ID and insurance information
  • Hospital forms
    • I was able to send mine in ahead of time!
  • Facial cleanser
  • Face moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
    • We actually forgot to pack floss so we had to end up going out and buying some, but it was definitely needed!
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • Shower towel
  • Hairbrush and hair bands
  • Nursing pads
  • Earth Mama Bottom Spray
    • I bought and packed this because it was on many other lists I found online and there were crazy good reviews on Amazon. It definitely has a nice scent and feels cooling when it’s sprayed, but in retrospect I wouldn’t say it was something that was absolutely needed for me!
  • Underwear pads
    • This is an item you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of, especially ones that are made for heavy absorbency! I used ones from Poise and they worked great!
  • Water bottle
  • Water spray bottle
    • PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE ITEM THAT I BROUGHT! This was a saviour during both labour and delivery!!
  • Full bottom underwear
  • Socks
  • Flip flops
    • I wore these to the hospital because the weather was warm but is also handy for walking to and from the hospital shower
  • Black pants for post delivery
  • Comfortable nursing friendly shirt for post delivery
    • I wore a light button up flannel
  • Snacks
  • Phone charger
  • Baby onesies and hats
    • Make sure to bring a couple in case of accidents!
  • Newborn diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Swaddle
  • Receiving blankets

Depending on what hospital you go to, there is a chance you will be given some diapers, pads, and mesh underwear, which luckily mine did, but I did bring extras, and was actually provided extras, which were needed!

A good couple of lists also mentioned bringing your own pillow and blanket to the hospital but I honestly had no problem with what was provided to me.

My husband did bring his laptop with him so we could watch some Netflix from time to time!

Now for the items I wish I HAD brought with me to the hospital! First off I wish I would have brought more healthy foods with us. I’m pretty sure I was aware that there was a communal fridge in the maternity ward in order to bring your own food, but I must not have thought much about it at the time. Let me tell you, hospital food ain’t that great at all! We were fortunate enough to have our families come in and out with homemade healthy goodies! Second, because we had to stay in the hospital longer than we intended, I really do wish I had brought more clothes for myself! The only outfit I had was the one I actually came to the hospital in! Lastly, something that was not bought before hand but should have been was a breast pump! Oh. My. God. Once my milk actually started coming in my boobs felt like they were friggen going to explode! Yeahh sure I could have hand expressed the milk but that would have taken foreeeeeever as opposed to using a pump. Luckily my Mother in Law brought one to the hospital and it was a lifesaver for relieving pressure! 

I hope this list can help at least one future mama feel just a little bit more prepared for her first labour and delivery experience 🙂

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