The Importance of a Solo Hobby

Sometimes being alone sounds like the last thing we might want to do, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some might see a stigma around being alone; about it being weird and lonesome. I, on the other hand, think there is great power in the ability to fully and willingly hang out with you and only you. You know the old rule after a fresh breakup: you need to get to know yourself before you start dating again. But what about your life outside of that? Well it’s the same logic; it’s important to get to know yourself before you get to know others.

I see no shame in being by yourself. In fact it promotes productivity in my life! I’m able to clean, organize, plan, write and so many more things; it’s just about having the motivation to do all of these things that you’re capable of! What works best to motivate me is to find that solo hobby that I can look forward to when I happen to be by myself.

For one, there’s BLOGGING! I really do look forward to writing, editing and posting a new blog post each week! Sometimes it might be hard to find that time between work and home life, but because it is an important aspect of my life now, I make sure I find the time for it! That’s what you have to keep in mind; find time for what brings you joy!


Secondly, I absolutely love sitting down and PAINTING. Although it’s something I know I don’t make enough of a conscious effort to make time for, I am fully aware that that is something that needs to change. I have such a passion for painting and art and creating in general, that its something that needs a dedicated amount of time to pursue and indulge in everyday. That need for productivity for my creative juices to flow, almost makes me crave having some alone time. See how the tables are turning now?


Whatever your kind of solo hobby might be, keep at it and make it bigger and better every time! Some people might totally be okay and comfortable with some alone time, but others struggle to see the benefit. Getting to know yourself and getting to know your hobbies and interests holds so much worth. I highly suggest giving it a go, chances are you’ll like what you find.


Lets motivate each other! Shout out in the comments what YOUR solo hobby is!

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