Harlow’s Birth Story

It’s crazy to think that a month has already gone by. It feels like time has gone by so fast but also that she’s been with us already for so long.. it’s a weird mix haha. Our lives truly have changed forever and it’s definitely been a whirlwind.


It was Tuesday June 18th at around 10pm that I felt my first contraction. Obviously I wasn’t 100% sure if that’s what it was at first because it was pretty mild. Once Caelan and I were in bed was when I let him know that I may actually be in labour. I’m sure you could imagine what was going through our minds aha. Time went on and the contractions were getting more intense. We finally made it to the hospital at around 3am and I was pretty much just getting periodically checked up on. They pretty much just wanted me to wait it out and take some walks around the hospital to try and speed up the process.

Around midday on Wednesday June 19th I was 5cm dilated. They told me I could stay at 5cm for a couple of hours or could even be a couple of days!! Did not even want to imagine that.. They sent us home but come around 11pm the contractions were just as bad as they were before, so back to the hospital we went! Thank god we went when we did because when they checked me I was 9cm dilated and went straight into the delivery room! Now came the best part.. the epidural! My god as soon as I got it I was instantly relaxed and even napped before it was go time! It was now 2:30am on Thursday June 20th and it was time to push!

I don’t even know if I would be able to describe the experience. It was definitely the most intense experience but it’s one I felt with great determination! It definitely was very uncomfortable and I just wanted to keep pushing even when they told me to stop just so that I could get it over with! Come 3:49am our little baby was here! She was a little drama queen from the very beginning let me tell ya. She came out blue and made zero noises. Our doctor pressed an emergency button and instantly around 5 more doctors rushed into the room, took her aside and started rubbing her down until finally that first cry came out! I was so god damn oblivious to any of that happening! I think I was just so relaxed and relieved that it was over!! Haha, Now after that little scare was when Caelan finally went over there, saw the gender, and told me that it was a little girl! I was honestly pretty surprised because I had the biggest feeling that it was going to be a boy!! I did get a couple of tears so I got stitched up and off we went to the maternity ward as a family!


I have to say I really had the most positive birthing experience. All of the doctors and nurses that tended to me were so helpful and so caring!

Our hospital stay was a little longer than expected because our lil bub had jaundice. She had to go in her little light incubator but she loved it! She was a happy toasty baby! Since we had that little setback we weren’t able to leave the hospital until Sunday evening! Five days in the hospital was plenty for us.. aha


Harlow has been with us for a month now and I’m still learning new things about her everyday! I’m also learning new things about myself everyday! Who knew that I could be covered in saliva, milk, and spit up on a daily basis and not be phased by it! Haha


This has been such a crazy new chapter in our lives and I’m so ready to take it on! I’m not going to lie there definitely has been some hard moments, that postpartum life can really sneak up on ya, but it’s all been so worth it <3



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