Shopping Local: Lulu & Lavigne

A few posts ago Sydney detailed one of her favourite local Penticton shops, and today I’m showcasing one of my favourites from Hamilton! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… Lulu & Lavigne!

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Their store is a lovely mix of home decor both new and vintage, lifestyle items, and gifts. Believe me when I tell you this is a very dangerous store to shop in. I pretty much want to buy one of everything for my home. What I love about this store is that yes there definitely are items that they sell multiple of, but a lot of the vintage items are the only ones in store from the owners own local finds. We are always one to promote local shopping and this store makes it so easy to do so!

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I actually attended their renovation sale so here’s a little haul of the goodies I picked up:

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I have been looking for a travel friendly reusable straw for quite some time now! This store is very good at promoting an eco friendly lifestyle with reusable straws, beeswax food storage wraps, mesh produce bags, etc.

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I meeeeeean as soon as I saw them post these Hamilton onesies on their Instagram I knew I had to pick one up! I bought one that Harlow can wear when she’s 18 months, you know, when she can actually wear something for more than a day before she grows out of it haha.

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I really only own one nice wooden bowl that we use for salads, but in terms of having a nice bowl for chips for example, that was a no go. This is a perfect addition to my kitchen lineup. It’s another eco friendly product made from reusable bamboo so it’s nice and durable!

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Lastly, I picked up this sturdy concrete planter! The store was fillllllled with planters and I wanted them all! Alas, I chose this one and they were so kind to let me keep the plant they had displayed inside of it! Now just cross your fingers I can keep it alive!

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