Quick and Easy Mama Makeup Look

I mean I geared this post towards mom’s for obvious reasons, but really it can be applied to anyone who wants a quick makeup look!

This look mainly focuses on the skin just to even everything out and to try not to make myself  look like such a hot mess.

I actually timed myself this time around just to see how long it took me to do this. The answer is 15 minutes! Now that personally works for me but if you need something even quicker than you can definitely customize it to work for you, even if it’s just slapping on a bit of concealer and some mascara! Me on the other hand, I’m a little more extra..


  1. Moisturizer

First step, and probably the most important step, is SPF people! My mom engrained it into me, I’m going to engrain it into my daughter, and I’m going to engrain it into all of you! PROTECT THYSELF!

2. Primer

I pretty much always need to prime that T-Zone and fill in those pores because I am an oily cakey mess if I don’t!

3. Under Eye Brightener

Now I don’t know about you, but I blame motherhood for these under eye bags so adding an under eye brightener is pretty essential for me. You know, tricking people into thinking you have your shit together!

4. Eyebrow Product #1 and #2

This step is probably what takes me the longest in my routine because as you can see I use two eyebrow products. I use my pomade for the tail of my brow and my brow pencil to fill in everything else. Also if I get a little messy I will clean them up with some concealer.. Honestly if I had microbladed brows my routine would probably be cut in half aha. Maybe one day, but today I will continue to take too much time on them!

5. Concealer

Concealer is pretty much the star of the show to really even out the skin tone. Just like the primer I apply this concealer to my T-Zone including my forehead, nose, chin, and obvi the under eyes! That’s where the majority of my discolouration is so I don’t even bother adding it to any more areas!

6. Setting Powder

Again, I’m a hot oily mess so I neeeeeeeed to set my concealer no matter what!

7. Bronzer

I always want to make it look like I have some colour and definition on my face! Just little bits at a time on the outer perimeter of my face to give that natural sun kissed glow!

8. Setting Spray

To reiterate for the 100th time, this oily skin girl needs to use a mattifying setting spray to really lock it all in!

9. Highlighter

Now as much as I don’t like looking uncontrollably shiny, I do like being able to control the shine 😉 aaaalways need to apply highlighter to the high points of my face like my cheekbones and brow bones as well as the inner corner of my eyes! That one’s a must!

Now alot of the time I will just stop my routine at that! I’ve got the evened out skin that I desire! But if I feel like going even a little bit more extra I’ll add a few extra steps!

10. Mascara

I used to hate the way I looked without mascara but now that’s completely changed! I’ll pretty much just use mascara only when I wanna go that extra mile 😉

11. Brow Gel

I 100% do my brows every time I put makeup on my face, but just like mascara I’ll pretty much only set my brows if I feel like it haha

12. Lip Liner

I personally do this more often than not because I’m not the biggest fan of my lips aha. I find them small and uneven, plus concealer will often get on my lips when I’m applying to my chin and mouth area. Applying a natural/ nude lip liner just really helps define and even out the shape of my lips!

Huzzah! There it is! My version of quick easy makeup look!



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