Our Favourite Ways to De-Stress

The Summer is a busy, busy season for us. Fall is all about slowing down from the summer craze and getting back into that cozy routine. That means we have the time to do what we need to relax and de-stress. We have a few our of favourite, go-to ways to shake off the last of the summer stress to get our minds back on track.

Chill at the Beach

Although summer is coming to an end, there is still plenty of perfect beach weather to bask in before the colder weather rolls in. It’s one of the perks of living in a desert climate! Grab a chair or a towel, a book, a couple of drinks and a snack (don’t forget your sunscreen!!) and just relax on the hot sand while the waves roll in. Even if you head to the beach closer to the evening, it’s the perfect time to have a relaxing beach fire….with more drinks and snacks.


Head to your Favourite Coffee Shop

What’s more relaxing than heading to your fav coffee shop to grab a hot cup of coffee on a cool afternoon? Bring your laptop to get some work done, bring a book to relax or grab a game and recruit a friend to hang out and chill out. This deserves a shoutout to my favourite local cafe Wayne and Freda for having the best almond milk lattes!


Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is one thing, yoga in the fresh air is another! It is really refreshing to stretch out your morning aches while mixing in some deep breathing and just feel your stress float away. I love to find a peaceful and isolated spot, grab my Lush Valley Lifestyle cork yoga mat and just have some me time. Even if you just go out to your backyard for a quick 10 minute session, it’s still a great way to de-stress.


Read a Book

Reading a book just sounds cozy doesn’t it? Whether you’re curled up in front of a fire or bundled in some blankets outside, reading has always be a sure way to de-stress, wind down, and get lost in whatever you decide to read. Pick up an old favourite or try something new whether it’s fiction, a biography, or a self help book! I’m currently reading Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. Honestly all I’ve read so far is the introduction and the beginning of the first chapter but frick I feel like she wrote this for me.

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