Camping Essentials

Camping season is starting to gear down, but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in a few more overnight trips! This past weekend we took a trip to Ellison Provincial Park in BC, and there are a few essentials that we just HAVE to bring with us for a successful camping trip.


Sleeping Bags – We ordered these TETON sleeping bags off Amazon from a friends recommendation. They are lightweight which is perfect if you’re backpacking, and it’s meant to keep you warm up to -15C…autumn camping anyone??

Sleeping Pads – I don’t know how we camped without these sleeping pads before. We picked up the ThermaRest pads from MEC. They are also very lightweight, but thick enough that you’re not going to lay awake with rocks and sticks poking into your spine. They are self-inflating sleeping pads, so just set it out and give it about 10 minutes to be fully inflated!

Pillows – These specifically were more of a ‘luxury’ purchase, they’re not 100% necessary. If you’re backpacking you can easily use a sweater as a pillow, and if you’re car camping you have the ability to bring an actual pillow. However it’s just something that’s good to have, and it’s not that uncomfortable either! The ThermaRest pillows are also self inflating; comfort without the work!

Tent – I absolutely LOVE this tent! It was a pricey purchase, but it’s something thats going to get so much use! We of course picked up the MSR Hubba Hubba NX from MEC. It’s a super lightweight 2 person tent that weighs just under 4 pounds. For a tent that size it’s surprisingly spacious! We’ve easily squeezed in two people, our bags and even our pup Diesel!



Jetboil – We started using this¬†Jetboil¬†just recently and we absolutely love it! It’s a perfect way to boil water for some dehydrated food or for some (necessary) morning coffee! The water boils super fast and you know when its ready when the side of the Jetboil turns orange. The fuel is sold separately but you can pick up both from MEC!


Camping Mugs – Our absolute favourite camping mugs to bring are the Artesano Canada enamel mugs made locally in Hamilton, Ontario! They’re super resilient and they come with the cutest designs! Shae and I have picked up one with a etched palm tree and one with an etched skeleton design.

Livingstone Backpack – If you need a lightweight hiking day pack, you can’t get any more lightweight than Livingstone! And as you can see they roll up incredibly small. What I love about this brand is that they are Canadian made, named after Livingstone River in Alberta. For every backpack that is purchased they give $1 to National Parks!

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