BarkBox: Is it Worth it?

If you have a furbaby at home, you probably want to spoil them as much as we do. Dogs deserve the world, lets just get that clear and out in the open! That’s why we decided to give Barkbox a try. A subscription service that sends toys and treats to your dog every month? Yes please, how cute is that! We went through the whole process of ordering, shipping and receiving, so now that Diesel has his box, it’s time for the review!


Let’s start with the PROS:

They make the ordering process super easy and enjoyable. They start by clarifying the name and breed of your pup, then go into more detailed questions.

“Do they have any allergies? What is the size of your dog? Are they light chewers or heavy chewers?”

That is something I really appreciate, so that the box is very customizable to your dog! It shows that they really do have the dogs best interest at heart. They even say that if you’re not 100% happy with your box, feedback is encouraged so that your next box is better suited!

Now on to the CONS:

The ordering process was easy, but the shipping process was super odd. I got a confirmation email for the order, but I never received a shipping confirmation email. If I go to my account on the actual website it still says they’re packing my box..even though I received it several days ago. It might just be a glitch but I’m glad we finally received it; it took about 2 weeks to ship which honestly isn’t too bad.

Something you have to remember is that it is a subscription service, and just like any other subscription service, it automatically renews!! We just went with a one month subscription so we could get a little test of the service and the products. However the one month option is a little pricey, so it is definitely a better deal to go with the 6 month or 12 month subscription if you’re interested. I’ve seen some other reviews about Barkbox about how they make it very difficult to deactivate your subscription, but I found it actually quite easy which is good. Unless I haven’t done it correctly and it’s still going to auto-renew which in that case……stay tuned haha.

Instead of a subscription you can actually send a one off box as a gift as well, which I think is a neat idea. If it’s your pups birthday, or maybe it’s around christmas time, you can just send one box as a gift! I was debating going this route because I knew I was just going to get one box to test it out, but I wanted to go through the whole process for the most legitimate review.

Something else to keep in mind as well for us Canadians: the prices are all in USD!



Each box seems to come with a theme, and ours turned out to be a Rock n’ Roll theme which I honestly loved and thought was so fun!! It came with 3 treats: School of Croc, Backstage Beef, and a ‘Drumstick’. It also came with two toys which Diesel is totally obsessed with already!

For my overall final thoughts: would I order Barkbox again? No probably not. I love the concept of totally spoiling your dog each month, but it’s honestly something I do enough anyway haha. He already has a lot of toys and the cupboard is always stocked with treats; getting new stuff every single month sounds like a bit much. We try to be a little more minimalistic. I’m still a little unsure of the whole ‘deactivating the subscription’ thing, so again…stay tuned haha. We might order a Gift Box in the future, but as for the whole subscription service, I just don’t find it worth it.

Have you guys tried Barbox?

What are your thoughts?

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