Fall Thrifting Finds

By now you definitely know how much we love a good thrift, so as soon as the best season of the year was making an appearance, we had to run and search for some Fall goodies! It’s all about comfy sweaters am I right?? We actually ended up finding a lot more awesome pieces than just sweaters; jackets, tees, demin etc. Did we mention how inexpensive everything was…? Nothing was over $20.00!

We actually did this Fall Thrift hunt in collaboration with Emily Kaitlyn, to see what we were able to find and come up with! It’s great to see how people with different senses of fashion are able to find pieces, while also inspire others to try new styles and try out different pieces they may not normally pick out! Shae and I found all of our pieces from Value Village!

Check down below for our Thrift Haul, and make sure to head to Emily’s channel to check out her awesome pieces that she picked up for Fall!

$7.49 Wilfred tee


$3.49 Alpha Beta tee


$4.49 H&M tee


$6.49 Old Time Hockey tee


$9.99 American Eagle denim / $5.99 Rough Dress vest


$9.49 Levis denim / $3.99 belt / $5.99 Stranger Things tee


$6.25 Jones New York skirt (cut shorter)


$20.00 American Eagle rain jacket


$17.49 Northern Getaway quarter zip sweater



Tell us about YOUR great Fall finds at the Thrift Store this season!

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    1. It was a fun collab! It really is great and inspiring to see what pieces everyone was able to find and LOVE!

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