DIY Decor: Christmas Wreaths

It’s DIY time! The holidays can be a hectic and expensive time of year. Why not get a little crafty, and maybe relieve some of that holiday stress? We love to get creative around this time of year; it always adds a little more of a personal touch to your space and to your gifts. Last we put together our own DIY environmentally friendly wrapping paper, this year we’re going with homemade wreaths!


I’ve started to collect Christmas decorations since moving out three and half years ago, but one thing I haven’t purchased yet is a wreath for my front door. I decided this was the year to get a wreath…but screw it, I was going to make it myself! It’s such a versatile decoration that can go in many different directions to suit any theme or colour scheme. I wanted to go a very natural route, with a slight hint of Christmas.


Curious as to how I started? I literally went on a trail walk with Diesel and started collecting pines, branches and pinecones. I then went to the dollar store to buy Christmas bulbs and some form of base for the wreath. See how inexpensive this can be? I think it turned out rustic enough without looking too ‘cheap’.


The base I found was a little bulkier than I envisioned: a styrofoam donut. While I was at the dollar store I went throughout the craft aisle to see if there was anything else that was catching my eye. I ended up grabbing a few packs of the ‘nautical rope’ to wrap around the styrofoam so there wasn’t a stark white base popping through the pines. I also grabbed a hot glue gun and a pack of red and gold bulbs from the store, but overall it was a very inexpensive bill, then it was off to the trail!

There wasn’t the biggest selection at this time of year since everything starts to fall and decay, but I wanted to go with a more simplistic wreath anyway! I found LOTS of pine branches on the ground as well as pinecones, snowberries and these patches of red and green leaves. I gathered as much as I thought I would need (I ended up having tons extra) and I started to arrange and glue!


I’m honestly quite happy with how it turned out! Since it’s mostly natural pieces in the wreath it won’t last for next year, but now that I know how to put one of these together, I’m already brainstorming ideas for next years wreath!


Have you tried making your own Christmas wreath?

What do you like to DIY for the Holidays??

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  1. Nice job! It’s beautiful!! Don’t you just love creating something so beautiful that didn’t cost a fortune!!

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