Our Fav Teeth Whitening Kit (for Sensitive Teeth) that ACTUALLY Works! + GIVEAWAY

Who else has tried endless teeth whitening strategies like we have? We’ve tried the strips, the charcoal…and the list goes on and on. With both of us having teeth on the sensitive side, it was hard to find a process that worked for us, until Smile Brilliant reached out to us!


We’re absolutely raving about these custom teeth whitening trays that you can easily incorporate into your routine! If you’re working the 9-5, on the go travelling, or busy being a mama, this fits easily into anyones lifestyle.

Smile Brilliant is vegan and cruelty free and completely FDA approved which is a win-win-win for both of us!

Check out the end of our post for a chance to win your own kit!!


The strips and the charcoal are both inexpensive options that give you results fast! However that’s about the only benefits of those methods. Both of these methods make our teeth extremely sensitive and only give us temporary results. Whitening trays may take a little longer, but it’s the deep stain removal that takes time and gives you long lasting results. This process is generally more expensive, but the fact that you get custom trays that fit  perfectly to you to whiten your teeth more effectively is worth it!


We’ve tried other whitening methods over and over and none of them worked for our sensitive teeth. Mind you, no matter how you whiten, there’s always going to be some form of sensitivity since the pores of the teeth are being opened up for maximum whitening. It all just depends on HOW comfortable certain processes make you feel. That is one of the big reasons we love Smile Brilliant: they really care about your comfort and try to limit sensitivity as much as possible!


Making the Custom Trays

First off, Smile Brilliant sends you the at home whitening kit for you to make your custom trays! Not going to lie, I was a little stressed before I made mine because I didn’t want to mess it up! But honestly, with the in depth instructions they give you, they make it pretty hard for you to mess up. Once you mail your trays back to the lab, they don’t take too long to be sent back to start the whitening process!

Whitening Process

The process honestly hasn’t taken as long as we thought it would! It takes us slightly longer on the day to day, only because we have to use the desensitizing gel twice instead of just once. They were very kind and sent us extra of the desensitizing gel for us sensitive gals! We use the desensitizing gel in our trays for 20 minutes, then wash it out with cold water and dry them before using the whitening gel for around an hour. We finish it off by washing and drying the trays again before putting the desensitizing gel in again for another 20 minutes! You can whiten your teeth for up to 3 hours at a time, but we keep it at an hour as to not overdo it.

The End Result

We are very happy with the end result of the Smile Brilliant whitening process! It’s not a blinding white smile, but it is a noticeable difference for us! Take a look at the before and after photos for yourself!


Now it’s time for YOU to start out the new year with a bright smile! The team at Smile Brilliant is helping us give away an entire at home whitening kit (valued at $149) for FREE!! We like the sounds of that…


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