What to know before trying Dermaplaning!

Spring is right around the corner (let’s hope that pesky Groundhog was right and we have our early Spring coming..) so it’s time to get refreshed and shake out the winter blues! As a bona fide skincare junkie I’ve been wanting to try a dermaplaning treatment for quite some time!

For those who don’t know, dermaplaning is essentially ‘shaving your face’. It’s the process of using a small blade to rid of the peach fuzz as well as the dead skin cells. Dermaplaning is exfoliating to the maximum!


For my first time dermaplaning I decided to try out Beauty and the Blade here in Penticton! Lucy Anderson has such a love for her craft, and she’s damn good at it! Her studio is most well known for microblading, because everyone wants a killer pair of brows these days. While brows may take up 80% of her time, she is still extremely skilled and educated on skincare as well as makeup application!



We started out by removing all makeup as well as cleansing with Alexandria Professional Cleanser. The product line she uses is all vegan, cruelty free and gluten free, which is a win-win-win for us! The blade process itself takes about 45 minutes, and theres little to no discomfort. It is honestly quite relaxing, especially when the mud mask comes in!

You want your skin to be dry when dermaplaning so the blade has something to grab onto, if you’re overly moisturized the blade will just glide over. People who may have extremely wrinkled skin or lots of skin texture caused by Rosacea may want to consult before booking an appointment.

The mud mask is used to calm and relax the pores, since they’re all wide open after the blading/ exfoliation process. It gets left on for about five minutes, wiped off with a warm towel and lotion is then applied, with a face massage included which is not too shabby!

Since I have a strict skincare routine and I exfoliate weekly, I didn’t have as much dead skin cells as I thought I would! Which is slightly unsatisfying because I’m one of those people who wanted to see the pile of dead skin thats no longer on my face…which might be odd. It’s the same satisfaction of tearing a pore strip off your nose…which also might be odd. However it is satisfying to hear from a skincare professional that whatever I’m doing in my skincare routine is working.

If you exfoliate regularly in your routine, dermaplaning might not be the most necessary for you. It’s probably not something that I will do all of the time, but it is definitely a nice way to treat yourself! My skin has literally never felt softer. Going to a professional also definitely gets deeper into the skin than you might be able to yourself in your bathroom, so it’s still a great option to really freshen up your skin a couple of times a year!


All Photos by Colin Christmas

Contact Lucy at Beauty and the Blade for any microblading, massage, makeup and skincare inquiries!






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