Isolation Date Night!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting a little harder day by day to come up with creative ways to keep myself busy and have fun! I’m juuuuussttt about ready for Isolation to be over….am I right?

It’s important that during times like this we don’t get sucked into the negative, and instead we see the positive of what this situation is giving us or teaching us. Right now we might not be able to head out on a dinner date with a friend or significant other, no matter how bad we want to!!! Instead we have to see that silver lining and realize, hey.. if we can’t go out for date night, lets bring date night home to us!

Some things on this list you may have done already, and maybe some of it is new! At any rate, we wanted to do the work for you, so you can have an enjoyable date night with your person 🙂


We know we’re not the only ones who are currently on the baking train, considering the baking aisles are constantly empty these days. We’ve tried making healthier alternatives to some of our favourite recipes, and we’ve even tried our hand at some of our grandparents classic recipes! We may have also been making one too many mug cakes the past couple of weeks…

Before baking the desserts however we need to cook up some dinner! Nows a better time than ever to learn new techniques and try out some new recipes! We are BIG pizza lovers, so you know we had to try our hand at making some homemade pies! It’s such a fun way to get creative in the kitchen with endless toppings and endless sauces!

You could even go one step further and create a whole spread with foods from around the world! You want pizza? Go full out Italian and add some bruschetta and risotto to the menu! Crack open a bottle of Prosecco and finish up with some gelato for dessert! Fly your tastebuds over to Japan and try whipping up some homemade sushi! That’s another great meal to get super creative because you can really add anything to sushi rolls. Cook up some edamame and miso soup, pair it with some Sapporo and end the meal with steamed custard buns. There are endless opportunities when you’re cooking from around the world!



If you’ve got a little pent up energy from Isolation, channel that into a competitive games night! Break out the board games you have in storage and have a Scrabble, Crib or Cards Against Humanity tournament! You can even create an online games night with friends and play over video chat! Don’t forget about video games! We love to set up our Nintendo switch to play Mario Kart. That honestly gets more competitive than board games…


If you’re looking for something with not as much high stakes, nothing compares to a good ol’ movie night. Who needs to go to the movie theatre when you can create the same atmosphere at home, except cozier!! Pick your favourite flick and snuggle up with some blankets, a couple glasses of wine, and you can’t forget about the popcorn!



Even though we’re still in Isolation, date night doesn’t have to be confined to inside only! You just have to make sure you’re taking the right precautions according to where you live. Now that the weathers getting nicer, what’s stopping you from having an isolated picnic in the great outdoors?? Support your local restaurants and breweries, get some yummy takeout food and local brews or wines and go find yourself a nice lakeside view! A beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere make all the difference.




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