Fall Thrifting Pt. 2

The twins are coming in with yet another Fall thrifting blog post, because who doesn’t love second hand denim and sweaters?  We created our previous Fall Thrifting blog post last year in collaboration with Emily Kaitlyn, and we decided to give it another go again this year!


One of our favourite pieces we scored this Autumn is a two piece set from Mauve the Label. They’re a new local Women run brand who create sustainable hand thrifted, custom pieces.

Similar to last years post, the remaining pieces we found this year came from Value Village. We scored big this season, as we were able to find all kinds of knit sweaters, long sleeves, pants, denim and some blouses all under $15.00!! I would say about half of the pieces I bought are from the Mens section as well, because we love a little masculine and feminine mix in our wardrobe.

All Photos taken by Colin Christmas

How insanely cool are those yellow pants though?? They’re Zara brand and I was able to score them for under seven bucks!


This year we’ve been starting to look around the home wares section at the thrift stores as well and we were able to score some awesome Fall goodies! Our favourite find was this knit orange throw blanket, the colours just scream Autumn!! We also came across a couple of matching accent pillows as well as a beautiful (although a little worn) wooden bowl.

Make sure to check out Emily’s Fall Thrift video on her Youtube channel!

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  1. Okay i’m obsessed with that photo of you in the yellow pants. ALSO those pillows are stunning!! Such amazing finds ! It was so fun creating autumn thrifting content with you guys! Wish I could find nicer pieces to share but so happy you found some amazing things !!

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