2021 Self Care Strategies for the Soul and Body

**Disclaimer- We initially wrote this blog post back in June as ‘Self Care Strategies’ for the remainder of 2020, but then this post never saw the light of day. However, going back to it and rereading it, it still all rings true today. Self care is just as important as it was last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. So please take care of yourselves, these are our go-to strategies to do so.


2020 was a wild ride to say the least! When we started this year we decided it was the year of self development mentally, physically and emotionally. Some ‘resolutions’ needed to be changed around due to the events that have transpired this year, but for us that decision remains intact.

We’ve developed some go-to self care strategies that go beyond just a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Self care needs to be focused on the mind and the spirit as well.

Cheers to 2021.

Just get outside already.

For us, nature really is the best medicine. Going out for a hike in the mountains, rain or shine, gives you a balanced sense of peace and adventure. Having a bonfire on the beach can give you an overall feeling of warmth and comfort. Paddle boarding in the early morning can show an overwhelming sense of serenity. No matter which way you swing it, mother nature has so much to offer us for the mind and the body. Get outside and bond with her a little bit.

Practicing gratitude.

I think this has been the biggest game changer this year. Realizing what really matters in life and choosing to focus on that every single day. We started this at the beginning of 2020, but when the pandemic hit, we and the rest of the world really dove hard into this practice. When you’re isolated for so long it really gives you time to think and to rethink. 2021 is here now, and we’re still coming out on the other side, but we’re coming out on the other side with new meaning and a new purpose.

Family First. Always.

Challenge yourself.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one self care strategy that doesn’t get enough attention! Gaining new skills keeps life interesting. Through Thick and Twin started from a rut. My motivation was at a kind of standstill and I needed a new creative outlet, which turned my attention to starting a blog! During isolation I even took an online art history course to make sure I was working towards something every week. The next challenge? A little backpacking adventure, because an outdoor challenge is killing two birds with one stone!

Soaking up the good life in the Monashees.

Change up your look.

Look better, feel better has always been a true statement in our eyes. At least once a year, normally around Fall or Winter I find myself needing some sort of little change. I either switch my hair colour from light and dark, or I like to chop it all off and go for the shorter look. If its not hair then I like to add a new tattoo to my collection. That may be on the more drastic side for some people, so even buying some new skincare products or heading to the thrift store can activate an aesthetic change.

We still love some cliché self care; throw on that face mask and have a G&T!

As much as we try to look beyond it, sometimes it really just takes the classics to turn around your day.  Honestly after a long day, a bubble bath, a glass of wine and my favourite playlist really does call my name. Sometimes you just need that face mask, a good book and a gin and tonic to boost your mood. These strategies may seem more commonplace than the others, but nothing wrong with what just feels so right.

What are some of your favourite self care strategies??

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